Oxyhives Ingredients

Oxyhives Ingredients. Oxyhives is a homeopathic oral solution that manages and helps take care of symptoms of hives. The success of this solution in taking care of hives has greatly been due to the potent blend of effective natural ingredients it contains. There are 8 very core ingredients used in Oxyhives that help the solution combat the problem of hives successfully. Here are the ingredients, how they help your body and research done on those ingredients to back up claims made.

Apis Mellifica – Apis Mellifica is a common ingredient in many cosmetic products and for good reasons. Research has shown that Apis Mellifca contains many different peptides including melittin, apamin, and mast cell degranulating peptide. It also contains active amines histamine and epinephrine. It is also known as honey bee and it is the venom extracted from bee sting. Recent studies have shown that Apis Mellifica has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial functions when used in certain neutralized solutions. It is these benefits that help to soothe hives which is why this ingredient is a major part of Oxyhives.

Arnica Montana – this is another key ingredient in Oxyhives. Arnica Montana supplies the skin with sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids, carbonic acid, coumarins and volatile oils all of which are essential for nourishing the skin. Sesquiterpene is the ingredient that helps skin to renew and restore it from the damage done by hives. This herb is also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic therefore soothes the skin when hives attack.

Lachesis – this is also venom gotten from a snake called Lachesis. A very poisonous snake, that is dreaded by most. The venom is also neutralized before use in Oxyhives. The venom has been shown to offer relief from swelling and pain when used on the skin, the reason it provides lots of relief when used on hives.

Mercurius Solubilis – this ingredient is gotten from volcanic rocks. It is has been used in ancient traditions for different purposes but recent developments have shown that this ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties on the skin. This helps to relieve hives quickly and keep the pain down.

Ichthyolum – this is another ingredient that provides relief from hives. It has been shown to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. It has also been used on joint pain and other joint problems to bring relief. It provides soothing when applied to minor skin irritations and can treat infections on the skin well.

Urtica urens – derived from stinging nettles. This ingredient has been used for a very long time to provide relief from itchiness, inflammation and for soothing the skin. It has been used for many years to treat hives, burns and other skin conditions.

Hepar – this is made by mixing sulfur and the inner layers of oyster shells then calcifying the mixture after heating it. This mixture has been shown to be very effective at treating hives, acne and boils. It is also used to treat ear infections, tonsilitis and other infections.

All these ingredients have been studied extensively and some have even been used for ages to treat skin conditions showing their efficacy and safety for use.